(‘Arcoiris’ – rainbow)

I have seen skies in the arc of my iris
And walked as pure gold slants through the trees
I have stopped in a moment to stay for a lifetime
And only my focus fails me

I have tumbled, mumbled
As wind blown on a chainlink fence
And with nothing to hold
But dreams
That fade from hazy beginnings
Into a dreamy past

Sometimes the jungle gets me down
Or simply catches me out
On a limb
Grey rain falls on green flesh
And solace enters indoors
To brood

Where are the revelations now?
So dry is the tongue that spoke them
So cold the heart
We once thought they warmed
A body dead to light and darkness
Eyes that barely see

Who comes here and takes my moment?
And how may it be so…easily had?
What is moving in this soul, so sharp?

I sought a space to meditate
And slept
I sought my smiling heart
But wept
What will this torturous mind give me next?

Although how could I dream?
Had my life not this depth…


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