I Am


I am the sunrise and the sunset
Over Pacific swells
I am the distant rising mountains
The dense clouds that shade our eyes
I am the rain that will pour
And give life to this coast
I am the near and far forest
In leaf, feather, scale,
Tooth and claw
I am these flies that are biting
This ownerless dog by my side
This sand beneath my feet
I am all of these pebbles
This rock and that
I am these people behind me
The mass at my back
Grasping for truth, seeking and sighing
I am all that they do
I am their living and dying
I am this fallen giant that lies on the beach
Caressed by the waves
As we roll on and on
I am this footprint just here
This moment in time
I am this earth
And the heavenly bodies reside,
Revolve, inside me
I am that which moves in such things
And they are that movement in me
This, I, We are God


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