Wind of Changes

Is it possible to see the wind?

Or just the swaying of the branches,

The twirling of the leaves,

The swirling of the sand as it whips

Across the flats,

The clouds in swift flight,

Or cottonwood dreamseeds

Drifting at twilight,

The swell of the sea,

And the dancing sheets of rain

As they morph

Through open sky


Or is the wind written

On the insides of the trees?

Split trunks clean-cut lengthwise

Show me what happens

When she sways

Swirls and fluid currents

In grain

The endless dance of wind


Or do I see the river here?

Its steady heavy flow

Exploring every hump

And hole of Earth

As whirlpools hum

And well

From far below


The rhythms of your growth

Are written in your aching body

And in the flood that was your life

I see the wind