Our bodies are but light
and sound ever inter-mingling
with the Other, full colour

I drink sage tea from the garden

Pardon my declination to partake
of the slaking thirst for distraction you stake
as merely means to pass-the-time, TV

Floral glimmer and earthshine simmering
from soil to clear glass
And this heart of old gold and mystic mould
truth be told, it beats

I sit and sip and turn the challenge
ever inward-outward, manage
to see i need heal nothing
for fear that from me they’ll steal
something dear
and oh-so-real

I live the way i live and see
each moment my suspension
in the ocean of maybe-truth.
Lessons here, lessons there
Outreaching hand of Dharma fair
and weathered,
Weathered fair

Ever-posing question –
Do you claim this?
Do you dare?
Ever underneath only Love
to stand and stare
Stare it will
ever onward
ever glowing
ever…just there

–  B E L I E V E  –  B E H O L D  –  B E  H E L D  –